#1 Way to Increase Conversions using Google Analytics

By  - Nick James
#1 Way to Increase Conversions using Google Analytics

Most folks are familiar with Google Analytics and the powerful statistical analysis that can be gained from it. Apparently, it is simple to open a Google Analytics account, copy the basic setup code, paste that code into your template and you will begin to receive baseline and simple analytics data.

But keep in mind, this is the basic traffic data only and will not include sales and conversion data for your store and, frankly, it is the sales and conversion data that you should really be concerned about. Seeing traffic and keywords is great, but unless you understand the underlying data that is driving that traffic and which keywords are actually converting to sales, it all makes a lot of useless noise.

The real power of Google Analytics comes, when you are able to track actual sales conversions. Getting this setup in your Volusion store is not as intuitive as it could be. For the store owners and operators that prefer not to delve into this complicated setup, we can easily speed you through this process.

We will set up Google Analytics tracking and conversion codes and confirm that you are receiving actual conversion data. If necessary, we can guide you through understanding the data in a simplified way so that you are able to keep on tweaking your site to increase sales and conversions. Call us today for help!

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