SEO Tips for Ecommerce Websites to Boost Organic Sale in 2023

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SEO Tips for Ecommerce Websites to Boost Organic Sale in 2023

Just like a brick and mortar store you would want your e-commerce business on a platform like BigCommerce, you may want to consider hiring a Bigcommerce SEO professional to ensure that your business is visible enough for your customers to find it. Concerns regarding viable locations and adequate marketing would still be applicable to cyberspace because here the sum of your marketing and accessibility is determined by your ranking in the search results. To try and ease the navigation of this new way of reaching your customers, we have compiled a list of tips to help you climb the rankings.

  1. Precise, well-structured URLs which target relevant keywords are preferred by search engines as they are easy to rank for relevance
  2. There is an optimal word limit for everything from title tags (60-70 words) to product description pages (1000 - 1200 words) and adhering to them is a Google-friendly approach that is sure to get you more clicks in the long run.
  3. Add blog posts to your e-commerce site. Long-form blog posts which are posted frequently will help make your page both customer and Google-friendly as they will increase engagement and reliability.
  4.  Link your products within the different pages of your site, this is called internal linking and it makes your customers spend more time on your website which makes search engines rank your store higher. A good way to do this is to link products related to other products within the descriptions or to link product pages within the blog posts and vice versa.
  5. Consider having guest bloggers work on your site, it will take away the hassle of writing long-form blog posts yourself while also helping you create high-quality backlinks.
  6. Partner up with an influencer and set up an affiliate program, sponsor a local event, donate to a non-profit organization, and reach out to other bloggers who are doing work related to your industry and try to get a link on their site. This gives you authoritative and organic links which is great for rankings.
  7. Use error pages and broken links to your advantage by using them as sites for a link-building strategy.
  8. Your click-through rate or CTR matters and well-written descriptions which can intrigue your customers will help you increase it. Using your keyword 3-5 times within these descriptions is also crucial.
  9. Keep in mind that not all keywords are created equal. According to research, long-tail keywords can potentially draw out 20,000 more organic searches per month to your store.
  10. In anchor text, try to use keywords, and don’t forget to add Header tags to product pages.
  11. Speed optimization for your website is a big factor in increased rankings. One way that you can do this is by compressing your product images before adding them to the page, this will reduce the time it takes them to load.
  12. A good way to grab user and search engine attention is to add keywords and numbers in title tags.
  13. Canonical tagging can help you prioritize your content over duplicate product pages.
  14. Online forums are great for increasing the visibility of your business, they help you gain clicks on your link and so participating in product-related discussions in spaces like Reddit is a great way to increase reliability and hence the ranking of your webpage.
  15. HTTPS not only protects customer data but also helps search engines see your e-commerce store as reliable so make use of it!
  16. Use Rich snippets to describe the quality of your product and increase the click-through rate.
  17. Not only will using multimedia help your store with SEO but maintaining consistent branding and aesthetics for your products will turn the odds in your favor in terms of visibility.
  18. Helping SEO bots scan your page is an often neglected part of effective website building. Making sure your mobile site is scannable, adding indexed pages, and submitting a sitemap and Robots.txt file to Google will help you avoid this rookie mistake.
  19. Make site navigation as easy as possible for your customers. Add product name in your meta title and use terms such as “shop here” or “buy online” which can help your customers figure out how they can get ahold of the product before they even click on the page.
  20. Rankings are a measure of how good your e-commerce webpage is, a good webpage will be as inclusive and user-friendly as possible so add ALT tags to all of your images as it will help visually-impaired customers in understanding your images. This will also allow bots to scan your page for SEO.

Navigating search engine optimization and rankings can feel like a daunting endeavor. It can be exhausting to realize that to succeed your e-commerce business will need an extra push beyond quality products and reliable service. But it is actually not much different from the work that a brick and mortar store would ask of you in terms of marketing, the only difference is that SEO tips and tricks are not easily available to the average person.

In this article, we have tried to simplify and compile some of the best tips which focus particularly on increased visibility. We hope this will help demystify the process for you so that you can do your best to support your e-commerce store. However, if you find the task too overwhelming, don't hesitate to seek out our professional ecommerce services that can take your online business to the next level. Good luck!

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