Social Media Account Management

We take the headaches and hassles out of running your social media accounts…so you can get back to running your business! We post, respond and engage with your customers personally, as you would, to grow your business.
Having an active social media presence can’t be ignored these days…because your competition will engage with your customers and prospects using social media if you don’t!

Having an active presence on social media has become necessary to maintain your position in the marketplace and stay ahead of your competition.

Even if you operate a business that doesn’t have a lot of “social” interaction, you still need to maintain one or more social profiles to give signals within the marketplace that your business is real, legitimate and openly communicates with its customers and prospects.

A social presence also plays an integral part in SEO (search engine optimization) as Google relies more and more on signals from social media accounts as a means to gauge your business activity against your competition.

Problem: Running various social media accounts is time-consuming & challenging for many types of businesses.

After all, you are probably busy running your day to day business operations! Who has extra time each day to run their social media accounts? And if we are being completely honest, many business owners just aren’t interested in running their Facebook, Youtube, Instagram, Pinterest or Google+ accounts. Now you don’t have to! We take care of it all for you! We build, manage, maintain and engage with your prospects on social media so you can focus on growing your business. And we do this at a very affordable monthly rate. What’s Included:

  • A dedicated social media account manager for 1 (one) account.
  • Your choice of any one (1) type of account: Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest or Google+
  • Ability to view and request edits to content prior to posting
  • 5 posts published per week (once per day)
  • Images and graphics included on up to 3 posts
  • Responses to messages and posts, flag inappropriate comments (when applicable)
  • Suggestions for profile optimization (if necessary)
  • Engagement and analytics report, once or twice monthly (upon request)
  • Unlimited email and online chat support