Theme migration from Peak to Bigcommerce Cornerstone latest version with home page redesign and product page updates. Rest of the template pages like category, cart and checkout pages were also matched with new home page design. Our responsive development ensured that site is fully optimized for mobile phones and smart devices.

We also optimized the whole site for faster loading plus Google AMP was applied for category and product pages for optimum results on mobiles and tablets.

Rugfashionstore is a major seller of rugs from top brands, but their previous website on Blueprint didn’t match the high level of business they have. Siamak wanted to focus on generating more revenue from it. The first thing they needed was to completely redesign their website and upgrade it to Stencil.

We proposed a new design that focused on highlighting their rugs options, which were earlier hidden in the menu. On the new website, the user can see all types of options and categories they are looking for. The sizes of images are enlarged so that the users can also see details of rugs design.

Meeting the expectations of Rug Fashion Store through default BigCommerce options were never possible. From homepage to the checkout page, we needed to bring custom solutions to add features that an online user is expecting from this one of the best rugs selling website.

The store has many other categories too besides rugs, but for rugs we created templates to show large size images. The newsletter popup needed specific pattern for its display. It’s displayed 3 times in a day at maximum, which was done through custom solution.

There are thousands of products on Rug Fashion Store with lot of variations in terms of style, color, shapes, sizes, designs & brands. Siamak wished to have each option as a separate product. They didn’t want to use options to show variations of the products. We processed entire product data and created individual products for each option with the unique SKU.

The speed remained the key factor in completing this job while ensuring 100% accuracy. Now, the store is carrying all options as separate products that are good for the store manager and buyers as well.

RugFashionStore wanted to have a full-stack SEO team to take care of everything related to SEO. As the new website design was live and inventory was also updated, they also wanted to have a dedicated team of SEO experts to take care of everything SEO.

We began work with a planned strategy and keep Siamak and his team fully involved in decision making. The SEO is still in process and we are good at what we had committed in the start. Organic traffic is increased and pages are ranked well against decided keywords.

We developed different custom features on Icingonthering that truly aligns with their business objectives. Icingonthering was developed to accommodate any new features through third-party integrations. Web Ecommecre Pros developed and integrated customized mega menu as well as customized filters to allow customers refine their search. The BigCommerce default blog was also customized to make it similar to WordPress blog.

The customization also includes addition of Hint It button on the product pages. We are closing closely with Icingontherings for their regular maintenance, site optimization and theme update work because we have to bring all customization in the update theme each time.

Hubcapmike  provides wheel covers and hubcaps for custom and vintage cars. HubcapMike needed a powerful new website design that could deliver a good user experience for their customers. We planned to completely redesign the website that can leverage BigCommerce functionalities. The style we picked to present brand was simple, clean and elegant. We relied on the existing color scheme of their logo. The new design showcased product banners with breathable whitespace to keep it balance. The new design was attractive and welcoming with custom filter option available on the homepage.  
HubcapMike deals in products that are based on the type, size and brands. The customers coming to buy from HubcapMike expects a quick way to reach their desired wheel cover. We developed the website so that the customer can quickly find his way to narrow down his research. Mega menu was developed that included deeper level of categories. On the homepage, we developed filter option of Shop by Model and Shop by Size and, most importantly, double-price display on the product page with discounts available on the set of 4. All this contributed in making a successful ecommerce website for HubcapMike.

Intech Services needed a modern ecommerce website to sell coating materials to industries. They wanted dark website to truly reflect their brand image online. We designed mobile-first responsive and user-friendly website that emphasizes on the Intech Services’ long-standing position as a leading industrial materials and training. Their beautiful website positioned them head and shoulders above their competition today.

Intech Services is developed to give consistently satisfying experience across all devices. It’s equipped with all the content and functionality to ensure that customer goes through a pleasing and effective buying journey. In terms of customization, they wanted to show specific products to specific customer groups.

They also wanted to show few products for few months in the year and few products to be associated with the main products. The data entry work was backed by customization to achieve all this.

Located in Chattanooga, Revival is purveyor  of home furnishings, antiques and decor items and also run a separate design studio, Revival Interiors.These creative company wanted design their website right from the scratch to truly represent their brand’s outstanding image.

The homepage, category and product should be neat, clean and elegant to let the visitors stay and view contents. Another challenge was to have print, email and create PDF feature on the product page.

The main challenge, besides just having an elegant website with basic functionalities, was to customize product page so that users can print, email and create PDF of product pages. The objective was to make a website simple, elegant and yet functional.

This major task required detailed knowledge of BigCommerce, PHP and years long experience on both.  Our expert development team enhanced the product page with these unique functionalities.

HQ98 was running a very good business of selling two-way radio sets, though they had an old styled website design. But, still their loyal customers love to buy from HQ98 for the quality of their products.

Their old website was outdated and it was not possible to compete in the ever competitive world.HQ98 turned to Web Ecommerce Pros to elevate their online business with a new and modern design that can attract more business for them.

The new website was developed keeping in mind all modern guidelines. The website was developed to work seamlessly on both desktop and mobile devices to give customers equally enjoyable buying experience.

Each development phase was carefully thought, planned and executed. The fast loading HQ98 elevated visibility in the search results.

Celltei is a design house manufacturing pet carrier products for outdoor. Angie had some good plans to make some interesting changes in the existing website. She wanted to include few sections and features in her website to make it more engaging and user-friendly for the online customers.

She was happy with the existing design and color scheming and wanted to keep it. At the right side of the page, she wanted to add a new section iCorner will small sections linked to important pages of the website.

iCorner was the major change on the website. She wanted to display only relevant content on the category pages and didn’t want it to be static across the website. Though, BigCommerce has limitations, but being an expert and partner agency we always know how to play with the available options to get the desired results.

We did the same for Celltei. FAQs, videos, images and contest sections were developed in a way that show relevant content on the respective categories. The website was on Blueprint and we also upgraded it to Stencil very carefully.

The new Golafolio website design is a strong digital asset for the company to drive sales. The design enhanced user experience to achieve the most important goal, i.e. making it very easy and quick for the users to find any product. Whatever the category is, the website’s new structure and capabilities facilitate the users and make the site visit more enjoyable.

Web Ecommerce Pros focused on advanced navigation and functionality of the site. With the navigation that caters to the fashion-specific business, it’s now easy to find and buy the products they are looking for. The website accelerate them through the buying process to a fast checkout.