5 Content Marketing Tips To Boost Ecommerce Store Sales

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5 Content Marketing Tips To Boost Ecommerce Store Sales

Are you running an ecommerce business? If yes, then you must know the importance of traffic. Generating traffic is the first step after setting up your store. The road to high revenue does not stop here but it is the first step.

If you are not converting this traffic into sales then it is of no use to you. Because let’s face it; traffic does not pay bills. As a matter of fact, the bounce rate is very bad for the ranking of your website.

The basic and most wonderful way of increasing your traffic and conversion rate is by creating unique and interesting content. The importance of content can be determined by the fact that the average conversion rate of websites with content marketing is 2.9% as compared to just 0.5% for websites without it. Your ability to be seen by the people is heavily dependent on your content marketing. Good blogs and guest posts with awesome content is the backbone of SEO for ecommerce. Creating backlinks from interesting content posted on relevant websites is the pillar on which your traffic is standing.

Moreover, 70% of online customers prefer buying online after reading any published content than an advertisement. Furthermore, if your website lacks creative content, you might lose up to 44% of potential customers.

Let’s discuss some tips and tricks about content marketing to help you increase sales of your ecommerce business.

Email Marketing:

Email can be used to create a sense of personalization in the minds of the customers. Using an automatic email system is way better than hiring someone to send an email to every subscriber. Sending a complimentary welcome email to every new customer and then keeping them updated on your products creates a sense of trust in their minds. Send promotions like “people who buy this also like these products”.

Email is working very well in order to decrease cart abandonment. According to Data & Marketing Association ( DMA ), 72% of people prefer promotions through email rather than social media. If you want to generate sales email is a great choice as it gets your content directly in their inbox. But, don’t forget to include a clear CTA in your email.

Product Guide:

A good way to get the attention of the online buyer is by showing a product guide and tutorials. Try adding videos about your products. People prefer watching videos over reading lengthy descriptions. Use high-quality images with a zoom-in option. Add size charts and guides. FAQs provide a good knowledge-base for online customers to read about the product or service you are offering.

Use Social Media:

Social media is the most common medium of interaction with other people. The strength of social media can be used to generate sales for your ecommerce business. By using attractive and interesting content on social media sites like Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram you can create some serious buzz among the online buyers. If the product you are selling has a lot of great pictures and vibrant colors then mediums like Instagram and Pinterest are the best choices. For textual descriptions, news, and promotions, Twitter is your goto spot. Facebook can be used for both purposes.

Don’t talk about your own business all the time. Post interesting information, tips, and tricks.

It is good to add humor every now and then. So, post something funny, creative and interesting regularly. Post comparisons of different products. Be a little controversial.


Testimonials are the badges of success for your business. They are the confirmation that you are on the right path to success. Flaunting your success in ecommerce is very important. If you want to create trust in the minds of the customer, reviews and testimonials are the best options. People are very afraid to buy online because they don’t trust the website with their personal and credit card information. Testimonials build the credibility of your business and services in the minds of the customers.

Reviews And User Generated Content:

Most of the ecommerce business owners hide reviews fearing that bad ones will affect their sales. Never forget, you must trust the credibility of your product first if you want others to trust your product.

Studies show that reviews influence the shopping decision of more than 70% of online buyers. Share customer stories on your social media platforms. Show the world what people are saying about your product by sharing their posts with your product.


These are just a few suggestions that can get you started. The process of converting ice-cold traffic into warm leads and sales is very tiresome. Try using as much good content as you can. If you are not satisfied with your content you can always hire freelance bloggers and influencers or go for paid advertisements like Google Adwords.

The process of generating traffic is the first step. Use ads to attract customers and then engage them with content to buy your product. Build brand loyalty and trust to make sure that the traffic comes back again but this time without any investment of the ad.

Use social media to form real relationships and then introduce them to your products gently instead of forcing the product down their throats.

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