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The biggest challenge for large ecommerce website is to quickly help users find what they are looking for. Multi-level Category Filter creates a search feature that can work with up to 4 category levels. A good example to explain it is auto parts ecommerce website where parts are sold on the basis of vehicle model, vehicle year, and vehicle brand ( make ). In such case, our multi-level category filter will filter parts through all these categories, ( i.e. vehicle year, vehicle model, vehicle make ) and show the right auto part the user is looking for.

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  • Supported with Stencil & Blueprint frameworks
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Multi-level Category Filter can turn multi level categories in to filters so that users can search filters one by one to find the relevant products.!

We can turn this multi-level categories ( of up to 4 level ) into a robust search feature that your customers will love to use. Multi level categorization and proper hierarchy arrangement of products are the foundation of good user experience. But, this can be done only in menu. The users will see multiple filters ( based on the categories ), and they will select all one by one before clicking the search button. This will show them the most precise products in the search results.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • 1- How can I install the add-on?

    All you have to do is provide your Bigcommerce store access to us and our team will install it on your website.

  • 2- Do I have to pay additional installation fee?

    No, this price includes FREE Installation.

  • 3- Do I have to pay additional installation fee?

    No, this price includes FREE Installation.

  • 4- How can I provide you the required access to my store?

    Please review this article that will explain you everything in simple steps.

  • 5- How long will it take to install?

    1-3 days depending upon our team’s workload

  • 6- What happens if I change my theme?

    The add-on may stop working, we will charge 50% of the original add-on fee to reconfigure with your new theme. It is highly recommended to finish your design work before getting it installed.

  • 7- Does this add-on work no search results page?

    No. This add-on will not work on the search results page.

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