Effective B2B Marketing Strategies for Online Businesses

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Effective B2B Marketing Strategies for Online Businesses

Ecommerce has evolved a lot in the last decade. Advancements in technology have changed the ecommerce industry. It has come a long way from a simple product selling platform for B2C to enterprise-level ecommerce services for B2B business. The change is still in progress as new techniques and strategies have been put into play by ecommerce vendors. It is no surprise to anyone that technology is the biggest driver of change in every field. The concern for today’s businessman is not the change in technology but the speed at which it changes. You must be aware and ready for the changes to stay in the game. The change in technology is causing a change in customer preferences as well. The way we communicate our brand message to our customers is very important.  

Ecommerce revenue is expected to cross $4 Trillion in 2021. That is why more and more entrepreneurs and businesses are luring towards ecommerce like moths to a flame. They think that they can simply hire a professional Shopify developer for a stunning and robust website and money will start coming easily. But that is not the reality. The competition is getting tougher and tougher. It is nearly impossible to succeed in the new ecommerce world without an aggressive, productive and constant marketing strategy backed by data and technology. 

Here are some effective marketing strategies for your B2B business to help you generate high revenue.

Market Research:

The worst thing you can do as an ecommerce vendor is jumping into the market without researching it thoroughly. Not everyone is going to buy your product and the customers that you want are most probably not online all the time. That is why it is important to know who your customers are and when they are online. You simply can’t communicate with every customer online effectively. It is important to research the market before we devise a productive market strategy. This helps vendors create a suitable message for their customers that reaches them at an appropriate time. 

Market research is the foundation on which marketers develop an efficient marketing mix strategy consisting of 4Ps. Product, price, place, and promotion are the basic elements of marketing. What product to offer, at what price, through which channel or platform and with what message. All of these are possible when we develop a prototype customer based on the data we gathered from the market. Platforms like Shopify offer services that help an ecommerce agency provide features to their customers helping them in answering the questions according to that particular customer’s persona. 

Design for people:

Website design is the second most important factor after the speed of the website. Once a website loads according to the desired speed of the modern customers the next thing the comes in line is the design of the website. Website design in one of the most important factors in a customer’s decision to purchase a product or leave the website. That is the reason why hiring a professional Shopify web designer is one of the most essential decisions a businessman has to make. 80% of customers look at a website’s design before purchasing from a brand. Website content must be SEO optimized to increase traffic and ultimately sales.

A website must be designed in a way that looks attractive and alluring to your target customers.  They must be able to navigate their way to a conversion. Ambiguous design lead to angry customers and high bounce rates. Updated content, responsive design, clear and easy to understand CTA, updated testimonials, easy links to all your social media pages, and keeping an eye out for new technologies and advancements are the backbone of every ecommerce business. 

SEO powered by creative content:

SEO is the foundation of high growth and larger revenue. The design of the website is made SEO optimized for the website to have high sales. SEO is responsible for getting new customers to your website and then your content makes them purchase your product. It makes ecommerce brands visible to the rest of the online shoppers. SEO helps in ranking ecommerce websites on Google. 

Creative content is the base of productive SEO strategies. SEO is divided into internal and external linking. Internal linking means informative and engaging blogs for your ecommerce website. For external linking, SEO experts use guest posts with relevant content posted on the relevant websites to get referral links that help in making ecommerce website visible on search engines. All of this is possible with unique and elegant content because the content is the fuel for effective SEO. 

Social Media Marketing:

When developing a strategy for B2B marketing most people might think that it is useless to focus resources and efforts on social media. The reason is that marketers are in an illusion that executives don’t look for or research products through social media. But the reality is totally different as 75% of B2B buyers use social media to buy or research a product before they make a purchase. 

Moreover, the latest study shows that social commerce is the most popular among US customers. So, it is safe to say that the best way to promote your brand and your product is through social media. It gives marketers the freedom to add visual messages with a lighter tone to reach new customers and keep in touch with the existing ones. UGS on social media is a very major driver of sales and developing trust among the customers. One major benefit of social media marketing the use of social media influencers. It is a proven fact that internet influencers impact customer’s purchasing decisions more than celebrity recommendations. 

PPC campaign and Email Marketing:

PPC campaign is another technique of getting new customers to your ecommerce website. If used with cautious and proper planning it can be a very productive source of getting interested traffic to your ecommerce website. PPC means that you have to pay for the ad only when someone clicks on the ad. Google AdWords' and Facebook Ads are the most commonly used methods of PPC. 

PPC is a form of marketing that is being used by people without research and planning it is causing more damage than repair to the users. People are getting irritated by being bombarded by unnecessary ads. This issue gave birth to the popularity of email marketing. An email with an appropriate message or product recommendation according to the purchasing history of the customer at a suitable time is a thousand times better than being poked every time a customer goes online. 

Final Thoughts:

Successful marketing is not how beautifully or efficiently you sell a product. Successful marketing is where you sell a solution to their problem. It is the easiest way to gain the trust and loyalty of the customer. If you use the above-mentioned tips and keep an eye out for better ways you will not be disappointed. 

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