Web Ecommerce Pros Provides Easy Migration To Shopify

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Web Ecommerce Pros Provides Easy Migration To Shopify

Very few business owners are fortunate enough to pick the right platform from the start that is scalable and robust. Most of the online retailers change their ecommerce platform after few years because their existing ecommerce platform is too restrictive. They lack the control and power.

Does this sound familiar? When you started you picked a platform that worked for your immediate needs.  But now after years of achieving your ecommerce milestones you are realizing that your ecommerce platform needs to be upgraded. Change isn’t always easy, especially when it is of ecommerce platform, but it should not be delayed when the need arises.

Shopify Migration

In ecommerce, a website is responsible for the customers’ experience and interactions. When the business grows, lots of money and time is spent on the online business, but a lagging ecommerce platform can drain the whole investment. The sales do not increase and the customer’s response on the website is reflective of that.

Shopify makes it easy to grow your online business at any level. Shopify is an awesome ecommerce platform with powerful features. By migrating to Shopify can increase your customer’s engagement, raise conversion rates and reduce marketing and other expenses.

Reasons Your Ecommerce Website Needs To Migrate to Shopify

Here are the five major reasons why you should consider migrating to Shopify ( without any delay ):

1- Design for branding: To survive and outperform in the ecommerce sphere, it is essential to establish a strong brand. And for branding, a good modern-looking design is crucial. This is the primary reason why many decide to migrate to Shopify from their old platforms.

2- Going mobile: As mobile use has exploded over the years, you do not want to lose any online sales. If you are complaining about miserable mobile conversions despite having high mobile traffic, then your ecommerce web design is not optimized for smaller screens. For many, the reason why they migrate to Shopify for a new design is mobile ease.

3- Swift buying experience: The checkout page is the decisive stage in online sales. Often checkout  pages seem to be confusing for the customers. The Shopify checkout page resolves all these pain points. It is not just optimized for mobile, but the clean and straightforward one-page checkout auto-fills many fields (like city, state) using the IP address of the customer.

4- Highly extensible: It is incredibly easy to access new features & enjoy increased functionality with Shopify. Usually, it is terrifying to add new functionality! There are often compatibility and stability issues. Shopify makes it as simple to extend its power with new features and functionalities. It is a matter of a few clicks and you are all done!

5- Intuitive interface: The admin interface of other platforms might provide you all the options you need, but this is not what you can call an intuitive interface. Shopify has many important features that are handy and readily available. It is so easy, simple and intuitive that you can start using Shopify from day 1 without any training or guidance.

Okay, let’s say I am ready. Tell Me More!

Migration from one ecommerce platform to Shopify can be a little challenging for most. A key component is how easy it is to move data from one platform to another. If the data is complex, especially with a number of product options, the data import will be difficult. Shopify provides instructional manuals, charts and videos to help understand the data structures – but it is not easy for everybody to use it like an expert.

Also, migration should be carefully managed because the new site is there to increase sales. User testing is the key to ensure that the new design positively impacted the user’s experience and conversions. If the users leave negative feedback, then it will obviously have negative impact on the sales.

Therefore, we advise you to solicit the help of a professional agency for this project.

Why should you contact Web Ecommerce Pros?

Before you find a development team for any platform migration, you must remember that you will have this new site for many years to come. The best thing you can do (also the best advice we can give you) is to choose a development firm that specializes in the design and development of ecommerce websites and have a strong portfolio showing extensive experience with the Shopify platform and creating solutions for that platform.

Shopify Experts:

Here at Web Ecommerce Pros, we specialize in your specific business goals. We can apply your business strategy to your conversion strategy and KPIs. We outsmart our competitors by being a time tried & true Shopify expert and also having years of experience under our belts developing for the Shopify platform.

Transparency, Collaboration & Accountability:

We bring transparency to every development project and place the entire development team under the spotlight. There will be an open and honest communication between you and our team members. We will keep you updated with our activity and progress with the real-time responses. We will keep you at the top of the project by giving you total access to all areas of the project.

Where you find high transparency, you will also find high accountability and collaboration. It promotes responsibility in the team members that is seen throughout the process and this is something Web Ecommerce Pros believes in. We don’t just talk the talk, we walk the walk.

No risks at any level:

Before we start any project, we plan in advance for any possible obstacles involved in the project. Prior knowledge and proper planning enables us to effectively navigate smoothly & swiftly on the  road to development. Any changes to the timeline, budget, and scope of work are identified very early giving us enough time to manage properly and finishing your project in a timely manner.

Moreover, we create a staging site at our own staging server for development, testing and QA and only then moved to production site once you are thrilled with everything you see.

By instilling these effective SOPs, we eliminate any risk of missed deadlines, rushed work and sub-par developed websites.

Talk to us about your needs

Migration from one ecommerce platform to Shopify is definitely a challenging endeavor, but contacting us will ease the secure transition and you will get your new website running with a new look and increased sales. We look forward to working with you and helping your business achieve your highest goals.

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