So Many Ecommerce Businesses Fail By Neglecting This One Little Element….

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So Many Ecommerce Businesses Fail By Neglecting This One Little Element….

If there is one thing about the Volusion e-commerce shopping cart system we would like to change, it would be the bandwidth charges.

Once your site becomes popular and traffic starts to flow in the bandwidth, charges can become a real financial burden. If you do not take steps to control bandwidth costs, they can really eat into your bottom line profits.

When exactly should you show concerns about this bandwidth issue? Well, it will become an issue for you if your site repeatedly goes over your allotted bandwidth each month. Sure, you can continually step up to the next level service plan, which will also increase your monthly expenses or you can take steps to control bandwidth usage from the outset.

In our opinion, based on operating several successful Volusion e-commerce stores, we would take steps to control bandwidth usage right from the very first day.  This should be considered in every stage of the development phase of your site. Therefore, when a site starts growing both in size and traffic, you are saved from paying excessive bandwidth charges.

Controlling bandwidth primarily consists of moving every possible resource, including images, scripts, videos, etc, to a low-cost secure server. This requires setting up SSL on another server and transferring resources to this secure server and then making appropriate changes to your site code.

In a practical sense, this type of setup is easy to execute, but we do know what it is like if you are not familiar with the process. It can be a confusing mess of server configurations, SSL implementation and various other confusing and geeky tasks.

Let us help you set up your Volusion store with a bandwidth optimization strategy that is optimized and functional. We will take the time to explain as much or as little of the process necessary for you to implement the strategy yourself if you want to.

Being in the market for years, we realized that the standard tech help for the Volusion staff paid little attention to this very important area. On one hand, we understand that they have no incentive to help store owners in this area as this is a revenue source from the company. Additionally, this can be labor intensive and is beyond the scope of the type of help you can expect from Volusion tech support.

With our services, we can set this up for you on a one-time fee basis that is relatively inexpensive, and we will explain how the system functions, so you are able to manage it yourself. If you ever require assistance or help with maintenance, we are here to serve you.

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