Offer Your Customers This Super Shipping Solution!

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Offer Your Customers This Super Shipping Solution!

Can your customers choose their own delivery date for any purchase or order they place at your online store?

If not, then you must read this! We have a great, simple solution!

This is a powerful differentiator, especially for the gift industry and online booking sites. It is not just the customers benefiting from the functionality, but the site owners benefit as well. They have plenty of time to pack and deliver the order before the ship date and can ward off the possibility of the dreaded “out of stock” message.

This sounds like an essential feature, but many websites don’t offer this option and are unable to reap great benefits of this service(we’ll talk about them below in detail).

We can bring this feature to the product pages or your checkout pages and leave your customers more satisfied with their buying experience.

Before you contact Web Ecommerce Pros for this solution, let us give you an overview of how our solution works, what is it exactly and what it has to offer you and your customers!

Check out what will we build and how will it work…

We will add the date picker option to each product page, cart page, checkout page, or order page (wherever you choose). The customer will see an input box, which will show a popup calendar on click. They will be able to select any date before or after adding their selected product to the cart.

There is also the added option to include an extra box allowing them to add comments, notes or additional information for each purchase. This additional information with each purchase will be displayed in the back-end. The selected date for delivery will be displayed in the admin area and sent to the administrator via emails too.

This field can either be made mandatory or optional. There are dozens of ways to customize this feature to work best for your business needs! For example, the minimum selectable date for any product can be controlled to prevent customers from picking an immediate date of delivery, which is simply not possible for you. Similarly, you can set max number of products that can be ordered during a particular day or during any given time frame.

Such settings will prevent you from getting orders that cannot be fulfilled on time and leave you in an embarrassing situation. Many businesses will need such a configuration because they have limited resources and staff for packaging and delivery services.

Benefits you should expect after having it…

Customers are always happy with the functionality. We guarantee that by having this option on your site, you can manage the future delivery schedules more comfortably and effectively. Why? Because you know many days, weeks or months in advance what you have to deliver in a particular time frame.

It’s the time to talk to Web Ecommerce Pros!

Any business serving people with their home delivery services (like gifts or flower stores, etc), or sites with online bookings or reservations (like restaurants, hotels, etc) must allow their online customers to receive their product or service on the day when they want to.

By contacting us and getting this super addition to your estore, you will keep running your business efficiently even  no matter what the holiday season might through you! We hope to talk to you soon!

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