Now Your eStore can have a Custom Gift Registry Too!

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Now Your eStore can have a Custom Gift Registry Too!

Gift registries help people tell their friends and family members about the gifts they would like to have. Back in “the day”, people used to receive the same gift but from different friends. There was definitely a need to improve this system. A system that could list what the receiver was requesting friends & family members to purchase for them and then removes the item from the list if any of the items were purchased from the gift registry list.

Why Your Online Business Must Have It!

It is very likely that your customer will receive three different cookware sets at his wedding reception, but not the latest microwave his soon to be wife has been eyeing off for the last 6 months. By creating a gift registry system in your estore, people will know what to buy for their friends without duplicating others. The gift registry feature will help your ecommerce website by increasing revenue, boosting marketing, capturing valuable customer data and creating a gigantic email list.

Do All Cart Systems Offer It?

Unfortunately, no.

Unlike Wish lists that come as a native feature with almost all ecommerce platform, a gift registry is not a built-in feature and can’t be added so easily. For hosted ecommerce platforms, it is often a big challenge as you don’t have much freedom to customize it. The only way is to integrate it with a third party app, like Wishpot. But in open source ecommerce platforms, the developers can easily add functions and extensions to create an exclusive gift registry. This is something that Web Ecommerce Pros can do for you!

For hosted ecommerce platforms, apps are available, which offer a generalized solution that doesn’t meet any business’s unique need. Like, for Shopify, there is an app Gift Reggie that will manage all of your gift registry items.

Why Our Custom Gift Registry Will Work Wonders for Your Business!

We offer you the opportunity to get a custom gift registry solution specifically developed for your website saving you from buying a generalized solution that fits for all industries but does not satisfy any fully. Your gift registry will be tailored to your business wants & needs!

The “Add to Registry “button will appear at the bottom of all product pages besides the existing “Add to Cart” button. It will match your existing web design to a tee. When your visitor clicks on it, a pop-up window will open up displaying product details such as product image, price, etc. The user will determine the quantity and other preferences (if they are required), like color, size of the item and add it to the registry list.

The whole process will be so convenient for the user that he creates his personal gift registry page without even leaving the website. The user can customize his personal gift registry page as well. The solution lets the user notify his friends and family members about his gift registry list through email or social media sharing. Once any of his buddies selects any product to buy for him, he will mark it and the system will remove that item from the list to avoid undesired purchases.

Get This Solution Now!

If you want to enjoy free marketing by your users and increase sales, you’ll have to set up our custom Gift Registry solution on your e-commerce website. We would love to help you.

Start by contacting us with your business goals.

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