Increase your Sales with Zibby Integration

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Increase your Sales with Zibby Integration

Serious online retailers always meet their customers’ expectations, wants and needs. They understand that today’s modern consumer wants to have different ways to access their favorite products. There are instances when they are unable to pay instantly for the quality products they yearn for. Some customers may have credit problems that can’t be repaired overnight. Or the customers don’t qualify for primary financing.

These types of customers expect the same privilege as others get. A few companies have devised some effective ways to reach this customer base, and Zibby is leading the charge.


Zibby is addressing the credit issue with its omni-channel loan pre-approval system. The customers can get loan approval for both brick & mortar stores and for ecommerce websites. The system shows the closest shops where their approved loans will be accepted.

Will you find it in ecommerce platforms as a built-in feature?

What is missing in all ecommerce platforms is this instant loan approval system. If you don’t have this system in place, your e-commerce website is lacking the most valuable feature to survive in today’s market. Many online retail stores have found the perk of instant online financing for their customers helpful to drive their sales sky high.

Our solution

It has never been easy to integrate finance with online shopping carts. This complexity puts off many online retailers from adding instant finance options for their customers.

But we make it quicker and easier to show instant financing options that barely touch your ecommerce website structure. We add the option to the checkout page, however, it is advertised in all necessary places like the homepage and the product page as well.

Example: Checkout page Example: Product page

We use smart banners and labels to show customers that your site has instant financing enabled for them. Zibby integration comes with automated credit application management – accept, decline and cancel messages.

Example: Homepage

The power of Zibby integration

The power of Zibby integration is that the customer can buy any product from your store even if they don’t have credit in hand. You deliver the product only after receiving the payment from Zibby. Zibby gets a facility to buy now and pay later.

The customer fills out the application form and it is submitted to Zibby, where it is approved or declined in the shortest period of time. Usually around 3 minutes. You will see the higher number of sales completed with very few customers leaving your stores!

What can Zibby integration do for YOUR online business?

If you are the kind of business person who would like to keep your business equipped with modern tools and features and if you’re genuinely interested in turning more and more of your online visitors to buyers, then Zibby integration will be the smartest small investment you could make.

Get this Solution

We can easily integrate Zibby with all major ecommerce platforms, like Bigcommerce, Volusion, 3dcart, etc. As Shopify doesn’t allow integrations to the checkout page, the solution is not available here. However, if you have set up your store on Shopify Plus ( which is flexible), you can benefit from our Zibby integration solution.

Contact us and get all the details about the Web Ecommerce Pros solution in 24 hours. We would love to help your business boom!

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