Hot Ecommerce Trends To Look For In 2017

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Hot Ecommerce Trends To Look For In 2017

Let’s take a look into our crystal ball and see what trends 2017 might have in store for ecommerce!

There’s a forerunner that keeps showing up in all of the predictive lists we looked at. What is it?

Business owners need to have an omnichannel presence. Everyone agrees on this and here is why. Your customers MUST be able to shop with ease online and in-store as well. And the path to the finish line (aka: check out!) needs to be seamless.

If your customers are shopping from their phone or their desktop at work, the service needs to be the same. Fast and easy with no bumps in the road.Business 2 Communityhas this, and many other items to keep on your “to do” list for 2017.

Top E-Commerce Trends to Keep and Eye On

E-commerce and internet marketing have quickly changed the way products and services are bought and sold in the world today. In just the past decade, the number of individuals who are now buying online versus shopping in local retailers has drastically increased year over year… and we’ve only just gotten started.

While the internet has changed how people buy products, it’s also changed of businesses and brands need to promote and sell their products and services to people around the world.Read Full Story Here…

The info graphic that is provided in the above article is very eye opening. There’s no doubt that beacons will drive more sales but there are so many other exciting facets to think about as well.

Speaking of exciting, who doesn’t find chatbots & A.I. exceptionally fun! Below Kit Smith has his opinion of what is coming up the pike in 2017. Starting with chatbots & A.I.!

The growth of artificial intelligence within ecommerce cannot be ignored. A.I., right now, is creating a more personalized customer experience and making your customers come back for seconds (bonus!).

E-commerce Trends: 7 Predictions on What to Expect in 2017

By the time I’ve written my 2054 e-commerce trends post, people will have forgotten that you ever had to visit shops and hand over physical money. Personally, I almost have.

I was recently debating widening my letterbox so it can take a large pizza from Dominos, meaning I don’t have to converse with the delivery guy. In the end, I decided that with current e-commerce trends moving at lightening pace, they will soon replace the delivery guy with a drone and I won’t have to worry, so I’ve given up on ideas of home improvement for now.

Ecommerce is constantly updating with improved discovery, technology, logistics, and bloody cool things to buy. Here are my predictions for e-commerce in 2017.Read More Here…

And wouldn’t you know it mobile personalization was big winner in these lists. That might be the only thing that was uber predictable.

Weekly Marketing Tips has narrowed their sights down to 4 points to watch in 2017. They agree that personalized campaigns not only help your ROI, they help shopping cart abandonment and can definitely be that one difference between you and your competitor. If you want your customers to choose YOU – you know what to do!

Ideas, predictions and educated guesses for hot 2017 ecommerce trends are all we have currently until January. 2017 will be another big year of change and growth as past years have shown us. So get your ecommerce business ready to change with the times – or get left behind!

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