Essential Steps for Google Base Product Feed Integration

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Essential Steps for Google Base Product Feed Integration

“Google Base” or what it may be more commonly referred to as “Google Product Search” is a wonderful free service provided by Google wherein products from any e-commerce store can be fed directly into Google via a dynamic database. In fact, as of 2009-2010 these dynamic product feed results are now displayed more prominently in search results than they have ever been before.

You might have noticed these product feed results in the organic Google search results while searching for any product. These results often appear on the top of the page showing organic search results with product prices and images. A casual internet surfer sees these results blended in with the regular organic listings.

The HUGE benefit to you, as a e-commerce store owner, is if you can get your products listed in these “Google Product Results”, you will vault to the top of the organic search results without the months of SEO and waiting to achieve page 1 listing in the search engine results for your product keyword.

Combine this quick run on the first page of results with the actual prominent visual display using product images, specific keywords, and prices, and your products will really stand out! Store owners can literally see a big boost in traffic and sales in just a few days.

It’s an early stage in the implementation of the “Google Product Data Feed”, and the competition with other store owners is quite low. It’s the right time now for you to jump on board and leverage this very powerful tool of free organic traffic.

As an acknowledgement of how powerful this Google service is, Volusion e-Commerce has created a built-in field on every product page to allow you to put correct Google base categorizations. Unfortunately, the process is neither automated nor documented. So new and busy site owners are loaded with an extra, unnecessary task to constantly manage and maintain it.

We have noticed that many Volusion store owners don’t utilize this powerful functionality because it is an extra task, complex and needs technical knowledge as well. They aren’t eager to spend time on learning and implementing this strategy. Many have the required knowledge and skill to manage it, but they lack time to spend on it.

We can solve this problem for YOU! We are very experienced in using and managing Google Base product data feeds. We understand the necessary product classifications, file formats and ftp protocols required to seamlessly feed this data to Google on a daily or weekly basis. We have also developed systems to automate this process for sites that need frequent product updates.

Contact us today to see how we can help you to feed Google with your product data and increase traffic and sales.

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