Find Out What This Custom-Built Reorder Feature Can Do!

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Find Out What This Custom-Built Reorder Feature Can Do!

Consumable products take a big share in the market. People buy these items recurrently and for a long time, sometimes, forever. E-commerce websites selling consumable products, like office supplies (paper, pens, stationery, cartridges etc), edible foods (snacks, vitamins, supplements, etc), electronics supplies (batteries, etc), drinks (teas, beverages, etc), have their loyal customers who give them constant revenue.

If your customer buys a single item every month, that’s fine; but, when the customer is a firm or institution, which places a recurring order each month with hundreds of products in their single order list, it would be a nightmare for them to do it over and over again.

Why not treat such great customers with some extra love? They deserve it as they generate big revenue for you.

Your customers will see a reorder button with each of their previous orders, which is a graphically adjusted feature keeping both aesthetics and functionality at the same time. If you run a successful e-commerce business, especially for consumable products, and get recurring orders, you can’t afford missing out on this custom-built functionality that we have integrated into dozens of online stores.

Your customers will admire the feature, not just for its convenience and CLICK & GO style, but they also get complete control over its editing. They can adjust the quantities and add or remove items with their changing needs.

So when the time is running short and they come to place an order at the eleventh hour, they would just click the REORDER button and all is done.

Happy customers stay loyal.

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