Drop Shipping Success With Doba!

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Drop Shipping Success With Doba!

Looking for products to sell online? Doba members have access to over brand name products in 8,000 different product categories, representing over 3,200 brands. Doba has relationships with hundreds of wholesale suppliers and manufacturers, each of whom drop ships the items you sell directly to your customers.

Doba Drop Shipping Network

The Doba service includes unmatched technical and customer support, extensive educational resources, and research tools to analyze how products are selling online. All items are backed by the product sourcing industry’s first-ever lowest wholesale price guarantee, so add Doba to your sourcing strategy by starting your FREE 14-Day trial today!

Doba Drop Shipping Cycle

About drop shipping:
Drop shipping is the latest supply chain management e-commerce technique in which the retailer does not store the stock. Instead, it transfers the orders of customers to wholesalers. This is a new technique and is replacing the old system of conducting online business. The drop shipping network is a wide area in which hundreds of wholesalers are linked to thousands of retailers using the internet. In online auctions, sellers deliver the order to the highest bidder in which the seller earns profit from the difference between the bid and the wholesale price.

About Doba:
Doba is one of those few online software companies that drop ship products to their clients. Doba is actually a web platform that links wholesale suppliers so that they can use e-commerce to come online and check their online inventory and fulfillment system. As of now, Doba has linked more than 200 companies to over 30,000 retailers around the world. The unique thing about Doba is that it hosts a virtual inventory fulfillment system which enables the suppliers to show the merchandise to the buyers virtually and no one needs to buy a separate warehouse for the purpose. Doba holds wide range product categories and as said by the CEO of Doba Jeremy Hanks, “we have a little bit of everything”. The product directories are linked to a large number of suppliers which can be easily accessed through this web platform. The advantage that Doba presents over others is that the customers do not have to be in contact with the suppliers for any purpose. All the deals are made through this website and no constant connection between the two parties is necessary or required.

Through this web platform, the clients have access to different vendors. They can order products from different marketers only through order. Basically, the company has revived the whole system of drop shipping and linked to a user-friendly interface. Moreover, the company also provides extensive training to new customers who have never used the drop shipping method for conducting business activities. Although people who are using the services of Doba are very happy by the state of the art, user-friendly interface, they are not very happy when it comes paying. This can be attributed to the factor that Doba acts like a middle-man. However, this is not bad for the clients as the additional fees are kept to a minimum and the product rates are highly competitive with the market and the company provides a virtual representation of the products with an online representation of its physical inventory. This site has enabled the feature of your product representation through online retailers.

The key features of Doba are that it provides an interface to a company so that it has access to over two hundred different wholesalers. It enables a ‘mini-relationship’ between the two parties, provides access to suppliers, one to many component people, and provides virtual access to inventory and virtual representation of physical products.

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