Classic Volusion Is Now Volusion 2 : A Rebranding Story

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Classic Volusion Is Now Volusion 2 : A Rebranding Story

Volusion has rebranded with an aim of refocusing on small and medium businesses and creating a contemporary image of Volusion.

In 2016, Kevin Sproles, Volusion founder and CEO, returned to the company and helped it getting a fresh look today by introducing new technologies and advancements. Kevin Sproles says that Volusion 2 better reflects their mission to help small and medium businesses succeed and grow faster. He suggested and applied the changes in the organization and chose the best technologies to refresh Volusion with the best features for SMBs.

The most notable thing is that all these changes helped them regain greater focus on Volusion and today each employee is 100% determined to serve SMBs better than any other platform.

The new re-branded Volusion has been named Volusion 2 or, in short, V2. V2 is entirely a new development that doesn’t carry all features and functionalities of the classic Volusion platform.

The fantastic features are rolled out, and Volusion says more are coming.

New Features of Volusion 2:

Redesigned Products Pages & Checkout Process: The product pages have new layout with streamlined checkout process for seamless shopping experience.

Content Builder: The drop-and-drop functionality allows modifying the page layout with the use of mouse.

Better and secure: https accelerates the speed and security of the website.

New Themes Marketplace: Volusion 2 also gets a new marketplace of ecommerce themes and templates. 20+ ecommerce themes are available with the count increasing each month.  The price tag of ecommerce templates has been reduced drastically and starts from $180.

Upcoming Features:

Google customer reviews: Ecommerce businesses use Google customer reviews to increase their revenue. Volusion 2 is planning to bring this to their customers.

Style Editor: Volusion techs are going to eliminate the need of coding to change fonts, colors and style of the front end of store. The new Style Editor will make use of options for the style changes that were earlier done by coding.

Insightful reports: With more in-depth and insightful reporting, the businesses will be able to make wise business moves.

What every ecommerce business owner should know before getting his first Volusion 2 website?

With so many reasons, businesses are rushing to have their website on this new Volusion 2 platform.
Volusion 2 considered the demands of ecommerce businesses and focused on their needs as they grow so that when your business expands you will be able to make choices that best works for your business.

Do you need to have your ecommerce website built on Volusion 2?

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