Age Restricted Items? We have your Veratad Solution!

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Age Restricted Items? We have your Veratad Solution!

State laws prohibit the sale of many products to minors. It’s important to know the minimum age requirement of the your customers for products like alcohol, guns, fireworks, blades, sunbeds etc, as determined by the law. Any business selling such products needs to have an effective system in place to restrict their sale to under aged customers and to stay within the law.

Any solution?

The only true solution is to have an age verification process in place.

For B&M business, it is easy to confirm with state-issued identification. But if you are selling online, it’s easy for the online user to be deceptive. Moreover, your website must not just prevent youngsters from buying illegally, but also discourage them from browsing.

The method of simply asking about their age is not enough as nothing is stopping them from lying online about their age. On many websites, just a single click gives them access to browse the whole website content. To thoroughly restrict browsing and selling, an age verification system, like Veratad, must be in place.


Veratad has access to billions of trusted records gathered by official authorities and departments at their finger tips. When a customer enters their data on an ecommerce website using Veratad, the sophisticated system of Veratad compares it with the data sources to instantly verify the customer age. Veratad can provide automated online age verification for the millions of US citizens all across the United States and more than 170 countries.

What an ecommerce businesses need to know

If you sell age-restricted products online, then do it correctly.

This is the legal requirement and obligation of every ecommerce website selling age-restricted products for the safety of people and for the safety of their own business. A breach of law can result in hfty fines or even imprisonment. Your ecommerce website should show a distinct warning and communicate clearly that the age restricted products can’t and won’t be sold to under age people.

Here’s what Web Ecommerce Pros can do for you

Web Ecommerce Pros will integrate the most trusted and globally renowned age verification solution to work on your website! Our solution performs an age verification check on your website users. Your ecommerce website then has an effective and efficient way to instantly confirm age based on the name and address of the site user before making any remote sales. Its flexible back-end allows you to set any specific age limit for different products.

We promise these benefits!

The top benefit you will gain is running your online business in accordance with the law. Veratad gives you the ability to eliminate sales of age-restricted products to minors. It also prevents minors from visiting restricted content and pages.

Get this solution Now

We can easily setup Veratad on any ecommerce website as it is compatible with all types of ecommerce platforms, like Volusion, Bigcommerce, Shopify, Magento, Opencart, and any other.

If you have decided to equip your ecommerce website with Veratad integration, then you are just a click away from contacting us and talking about your need. Can’t wait to hear from you!

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