A Handy Custom File Upload Feature Your Business Needs

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A Handy Custom File Upload Feature Your Business Needs

Let’s say you are selling eye glasses and contact lenses online. In your physical store you can only sell eyeglasses or contact lenses to those who have the prescription from their eye doctor. You also want your online customers to provide you a copy of doctor’s prescription before processing the order.

What is the solution?

Your ecommerce website must have a file uploading feature to give users an ability to upload files, such as a prescription. It is not just a need, but a legal obligation. You can’t sell medicines, contact lenses or eye glasses without a valid prescription. There are many other online businesses that have this need such as gun stores requiring licenses, custom design t-shirt stores, or medical stores selling medicines that require a doctor’s prescription.

We know there are other ways to send documents, files or credentials via fax or email before placing any order online. But, these methods are old and defunct. Online customers expect something that is fast and easy to use. Don’t be caught dead using ancient methods on your modern ecommerce website!

Do ecommerce platforms come with it?


No ecommerce platform comes with this feature. There are so many platforms to choose from with countless features and functions. You can select what you believe to be the best but they all miss many crucial and tiny features that you essentially need. If you need this feature, you will have to get it custom built for your online store.

How Web Ecommerce Pros responds to this need…

We will customize any page where you want to have the file upload feature and add short code to create custom fields. The need to display a custom file upload feature depends on your business and product type. Sometimes, for instance with gunstores, the buyer will need to upload his license on the checkout page after adding different products to the cart. This document upload will work for the whole order.

But in some industries (like we discussed earlier with glasses, contact lenses, or medicine) the buyer should upload doctor’s prescription at the product page. Here one single document is required for each singular product. On the product page the custom file upload field will be available before the customer adds the product to his cart. The custom file upload can be configured to allow uploading a single or multiple files. We can also restrict the user from uploading more than a specific number of files or even the size of the image.

Need this solution? We are here to help!

Do you need a fast & easy upload tool as we discussed above? Web Ecommerce Pros is here to do the job for you. Just send us a message to get started!

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