8 Best Online Shopping Carts to Build Your Ecommerce Website in 2019

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8 Best Online Shopping Carts to Build Your Ecommerce Website in 2019

The success of an ecommerce website mostly depends on the platform it is built on. There are lots of features and capabilities any ecommerce website needs to run the business and it depends how much the platform offers or allows creating them. Luckily, today we have plenty of options to pick good platform. We also want to give you a glimpse of best ecommerce platforms available in the market so that you can know


Bigcommerce offers pretty awesome features to attract any business owner to build their site on this platform. BigCommerce has maximum up-time, unlimited bandwidth and scalability which are the basic requirements to deal with high traffic on any website. The platform comes with built-in features designed to enhance customer engagement and selling capabilities. The search feature allows searching products using preferences.


Shopify is one the top ecommerce platforms available out there. The biggest plus point of this platform is its power of flexibility and customization. Shopify offers full range of settings, tools and options to manage any ecommerce website fully from back-end and front-end.


You will find good library of 3dCart tutorials to guide you on using 3dcart right from choosing the template and setting up your ecommerce website on it. The wizard is so simple and clear that even a beginner level person can use its drag and drop feature to build section without requiring modifying code.


LemonStand is a comparatively young company than other but it has captured many big clients and large size ecommerce businesses with its greater capabilities. There are very little limitations to create anything on the website which large businesses mostly like.


Woocommerce is wildly popular because for its ease of use. It allows bringing all essential features to the website without any hassled. If you have ever used WordPress or are familiar with it, you can visualize how simple and intuitive WooCommerce would be to run any ecommerce business. WooCommerce comes with all essential functionalities, but it also allows several advanced capabilities through integrations and extensions.


Magento is a good choice for any small, medium and large size business. It offers extreme freedom to build customized capabilities as it is an open source platform. There are two packages for the businesses; Magento Community and Magento Enterprise. Large businesses go for Magento enterprise especially when they want to host multiple sites.


Volusion is powered by powerful software as a service package that enables anyone with least knowledge of development to build a fully functional ecommerce website. Volusion stands out in the crowd for its CRM tool and marketing features that carry a robust set of marketing tools. Ecommerce website owner can start affiliate programs and send newsletters to their email list.


The Wix editor shows you how your edits are impacting the design of your storefront.Beginner friendly – the interface is easy to use, with a drag-and-drop editor and mobile responsive templates. Brand first, products second – strong focus on creating a developed and attractive brand to sell products through. Eye-catching designs – add product videos to give customers a better shopping experience. Multilingual sites – grow your business globally by creating multiple sites for different countries

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