6 Best Ecommerce Financing Solutions to Increase Online Sales by 80%

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6 Best Ecommerce Financing Solutions to Increase Online Sales by 80%

Ecommerce financing ( also known as flexible payment plans, Getfinancing, Point of sale credit for retail finance, buy now and pay later, shop now and pay later ) is quite popular nowadays and is becoming one of the essential modes of payments of any ecommerce website. These ecommerce financing solutions can uplift the conversion rates of ecommerce sites up to 25%. The average order values are seen to be increased more than 80%. This is remarkable.

There are many benefits associated with consumer finance and loan for ecommerce that gives more alternative payment options to the online customers. Ecommerce financing allows customers to buy their favorite things now and pay their amount later over a period of time. The convenience of adjusting the tenure to repay the amount offers attractive financing options that online retailers prefer to use for their promotional products and clearance sales. Ecommerce websites can sell their specific inventory very fast on easy financing terms.

You can take full advantage of ecommerce financing solutions through our ecommerce integration services. Here are 6 solutions to convert more on your ecommerce website:


Affirm gives the power of flexibility in paying the product price, which both eretailers and consumers have been asking for a long time. Ecommerce websites can build upon a successful online business with Affirm integration that gives very easy and customizable financing options to their ecommerce customers.


Zibby aims for the non-prime and under-banked customers who want to buy online. Zibby has a simple, lease to own financing options that can be integrated with the product pages and checkout page for the customers. The customer clicks on the Zibby button and it requires less than 30 sec to enter few basic details to get approved. It doesn’t need to have a good credit score to quality for the loan. It sounds like you purchase items with your own credit card.

Zibby is available in the United States only. Online retailers in the United States can now extend the ecommerce financing options by Zibby to their online buyers.


Afterpay fills the gap in the retail industry by offering online customers a swift way of payment. The ecommerce customer financing offered by AfterPay spreads their payments with more manageable payment options.

There are hundreds of online stores that have integrated Afterpay since its launch and the list is still growing. The customers can pay off the loan amount in easy installments each fortnight. The convenience offered by Afterpay attracts more customers and increases the conversions through its easily adjustable and comfortable payment options.

The financing solutions by Afterpay are available for online retailers and customers of Australia only.


Pay4later is a renowned payment method in UK that allows retailers to offer instant credit to their buyers with 0% interest rate. The module integrates with the ecommerce website by touching it very lightly. Pay4later is currently servicing more than 1000 online retailers across the UK.

It is the UK’s safest and fastest ecommerce finance solution that offers credit with 0% interest for up to 6 to 12 months. The customer has to pay just 10% of the total loan and the rest is offered interest free for up to 12 months. The finance solution also has loan options with different interest rates for up to 36 months.


Zippay allows customers to purchase products of amount up to $1000 and pay it back in a flexible time. It does not require credit card or involve terms of loan or interest.

Australian customers who find it difficult to buy online can now opt for Zippay in order to make purchases. Zippay changed online buying and have a positive impact on the online retail businesses in Australia.


Zipmoney is a next generation payment solution that can increase the number of buyers many times by enabling them to buy now and pay later. They technology approves customer instantly and grants him loan in a real time.

ZipMoney is available for Australian retailers only that offers digital payment services to convert browsers into buyers.

How leading online retailers get these ecommerce financing solutions integrated – quickly?

These modern ecommerce financing solutions make digital shopping very comfortable by splitting repayments into weekly, monthly or yearly installments. Each vendor has its own terms, but the benefits for ecommerce websites and online buyers remain the same. These repayment modes are so flexible that means the buyer gets various options to schedule the repayment on his own terms.

Webecommercepros has already helped a good number of online retailers by integrating ecommerce financing solutions. Their major problem was the customers are not converting too fast. We dove deeply to understand their businesses and suggested and equipped them with these solutions. Now, their customers click and convert.

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