How PowerReviews Express Is Improving Volusion Stores

By  - Nick James
How PowerReviews Express Is Improving Volusion Stores

People are always less confident about things they know little about which makes confidence a product of experience. A person’s own experience about something is always the best tool for his learning and understanding, but there is only so much a man can experience. In a situation where a person does not have the first-hand knowledge about something, he has to rely on others’ experiences to make up his mind. In our daily shopping routines, we are faced with these situations on regular basis. We desperately want useful advice based on actual experience before buying a certain product for the first time. What others have to say about a brand or product matters a lot as it is a common practice for people to consult with friends or colleagues before making a buying decision.

PowerReviews with Volusion

On the broader canvas of e-commerce where buyers and sellers never really interact in a tangible manner, there are always new products, latest technology gadgets and innovative ideas which draw plenty of attention. But a buyer cannot decide about buying a cell phone for example even if he wants to, unless he is certain about its performance and features. Though his dilemma will be automatically resolved if a person using that cell phone advises him to buy it or otherwise. So when a person likes a product on your online store, he would definitely want to clear up his mind both about your business and product by reading your old customer reviews, comments or recommendations. But if your website does not provide any such feedback, you are bound to lose several doubtful and confused but potential customers. On the other hand, the presence of customer reviews on your e-commerce website will increase its conversion rate by providing insight to your products and services to eliminate doubts and boost customer confidence faster than any advertisement.

The heart and award winning PowerReviews Express is a complete customer reviews system for small and medium scale business enterprises. The quick and simple implementation of PowerReviews on your e-commerce website not only ensures better conversion rate but also the ideal search engine optimization to overload your site with traffic. Besides providing great reviews, the sharp and intelligent PowerReviews also confirms the authenticity of a review by verifying reviewer’s purchase of the reviewed product. Such reviews are prominently tagged and reviewers are certified as ‘verified buyers’ to instill a sense of trust and genuineness in them.

By using videos and pictures in their reviews with PowerReviews, customers can thoroughly demonstrate their experience with the product as well as share them with others through blogs and popular social media. PowerReviews also provides solutions for relevance through affinity reviews as buyers can locate specific reviews from people with similar tastes, interests or lifestyles which can save him time with a personal touch. Whereas, the powerful PowerTags provide the best-suited options to instantly list up all the pros and cons for a detailed overview with minimal effort.

In this express age today, people want to express themselves and with its strong and ingenious features, PowerReviews delivers the opinions that matter in a way they are best presented for those who want to benefit from them.

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