All about “Fulfillment by Amazon”

By  - Nick James
All about “Fulfillment by Amazon”

E-commerce is the fastest growing means to promote products and services for existing businesses as well as for new entrepreneurs. It is the most reliable and cost saving method as it eliminates risk and lowers start-up costs for businesses. This method for conducting business is revived through “Fulfillment by Amazon”.

Fulfillment by Amazon

Amazon is an e-commerce website that was launched in 1995. Up to now, the website reports over one billion dollars of revenue and continues to grow as the largest online store ever. In addition to the website publishing of items, users can also sell their used and new stuff by simply creating an account. The best thing about this website is that users can sell anything they want. Moreover, the shipping charges are either minimal or there are no shipping charges at all. However, Amazon does have a ‘final value fee’ which covers a portion of the sold item. Selling on is quite a bit cheaper than most of the other online stores on the web because of the low shipping cost. This, in turn, reduces the sale price of the product and as a result, customers are even more attracted to this site. has recently launched FBA (Fulfillment By Amazon) which is the website’s newest program to conduct business. The background behind making this program is to reduce the workload, shipping costs, and increase the storage capacity of business organizations who want to sell their products to the world. In addition, the program also offers a customized shipping carrier. Users can choose Amazon’s shipping carrier or any other carrier that they like. Through Amazon’s FBA program, business organizations or entrepreneurs can sell their products by listing them on the website and sending the products to their ware houses as a single item or a complete batch using Amazon’s economical shipping charges (i.e. a 20lb box can ship for less than $20). As soon as the items reach Amazon’s ware house, the employees scan the items for any signs of damage and then put them up for sale. Amazon charges fifteen cents for a one square inch storage space but the rates are usually higher during the holidays. As soon as the products are ordered by customers, the company packs them (charges included under the shipping cost) and ships them to the customers and you earn the revenue. However, if the customer returns the item, then Amazon will take the money from your account and back to the customer. No fee is charged for shipping the products to the customer or for the returns.

FBA is definitely worth using, for many reasons. One being that we don’t need to store the items, Amazon will take care of it. Secondly, the cost of sending the inventory to Amazon is very menial compared to sending the items to individuals (the method of shipping is highly cost effective). Through Fulfillment by Amazon program, organizations and individuals can actually earn more revenue than other websites by listing the items at a higher sales price which gives them a high-profit margin. Nevertheless, FBA is the most cost effective method of selling products when it comes to using e-commerce as a source of generating revenue.

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