100s of Products & 1 Handy Little Widget…We Can Help You too!

By  - Nick James
100s of Products & 1 Handy Little Widget…We Can Help You too!

Online buyers always want to find products in a way that really makes sense to them. When the product line is huge, like in auto parts/accessories e-commerce websites, the products are sorted on the basis of their different makes, models and year. For users, the product finding process becomes complex. Therefore, the website must give their customers something different from the traditional search feature and navigation filter to precisely find the desired product in a short time by filtering through the extensive database.

A custom designed product finder feature resolves this issue immediately. An intuitive user interface simplifies the product finding process and enables customers to search entire product database using a few key parameters. The functionality is not just appealing, but also incredibly time saving.

By implementing our experience and knowledge about all types of e-commerce platforms, we can create a handy product finder widget for our customers’ websites. The feature is built on the existing product category structure and paths.

At the homepage, the site visitors can simply pull down categories to choose the make, year or model of the main product to find its parts or accessories and the site displays respective products meeting the criteria. The functionality is flexible to browse through the entire product database.

If you own an e-commerce website with a huge product database, like auto parts/accessories, cartridges, or electronics, and want to add strong value with our custom-built product finding functionality, please contact us right now.

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