Now You Can Have A Real Time Product Price Feed Too!

By  - Nick James
Now You Can Have A Real Time Product Price Feed Too!

The online merchants selling metal products, like coins, bullion, watches, etc, must show the real product prices streamlined with metal spot prices. Unfortunately, e-commerce websites mostly lack the built-in functionality, and it becomes one of the biggest needs and challenges for them.

The solution is to design a customized solution to fetch live precious metal spot prices and present the retail prices of metal products automatically. Whenever there is a change in metal price, the prices must be updated without manual efforts. It should be automated and seamless.

With this customized solution in place, an e-commerce website will create a streamlined experience for their buyers. The online customers can view the updated product prices at any time.

We can embed this functionality into your e-commerce website; this fast and efficient system automatically fetches metal spot prices and updates the product prices. The prices can be updated every min to one or two times a day according to the live spot price depending on the number of products showcased in your store. The product prices are calculated as:

Metal Price X Product Weight + Markup = Product Price.

The markup can be set as a fixed amount for each product, like $40, or in percentage value, like 10%.

Contact us to give your customers real product prices all the time.

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